My process is what makes me different. When it comes to your brand, different is good.


Although my approach changes slightly from brand to brand, it always involves identifying your goals hearing your story and then making sure your story is conveyed, authentically and consistently across multiple communication platforms. To accomplish this, I research, conceptualize, and develop a brand strategy. Then we deploy your messaging through logo development, brand identity systems, package design, environments, websites, and well, everything and everywhere else. The process looks a little like this:

Project Initiation: If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, we’ll meet in person, otherwise, we’ll meet via skype or google hangout. We’ll discuss the current state of your brand, why you’re interested in making a change, what you are trying to accomplish and how, and the objectives of your project. In this interview, we’ll determineif we’re a match.

Proposal: I prepare a project estimate that outlines how we reach a solution, including scope of work, budget, timeline, and list of deliverables.

Creative Brief: If we decide to move forward, I’ll summarize your brand’s current state, and define the problems we’re hoping to solve.

Discovery: We’ll schedule a discovery meeting. The information you provide helps me understand your business, product/service and target market and helps to direct my design decisions.It’s important that all the major players and decision makers are together at this session.

Discovery & Design Strategy: Concepts & Ideation
I work on concepts that meet your specific objectives. I will work with your ideas and suggestions, and explore other angles and solutions that satisfy the end goal of your project. Here you can expect:

» A mood board to make sure we are on the same page.
» A meeting to review and talk through those options.
» To participate and to speak openly. You will be part of the creative process from conception.
» To approve a direction. Sign off moves us into the design phase.

Strategy & Design Development: Design 
This is where the bulk of my actual work happens; Here is where I start designing or executing tactics. You can expect:

» 3-5 different concepts for your review

Refine & Validate: Revisions 
Based on your input, we’ll have slight variations to explore and I will refine the work until we are both satisfied that it meets your objectives.

Production/Launch: Deliverables
In the proposal, you will receive a list of exactly what you’ll receive at the completion of the project. This could include your brand story, your brand platform and positioning, a final logo, collateral or website.

Project Closeout: Project Debrief
We’ll meet to discuss and review the results and make sure we addressed the goals and objectives outlined in the brief. We’ll discuss next steps; developing a plan and managing your brand.

If this seems about right to you, let’s talk.

ProcessMeysha Lovrien