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    Branding The Modern Law Firm This husband and wife team individually spent many years working for traditional law firms—you know, the ones flanked in dark wood paneling, billing out in 7 minute increments, where the question, “what will this cost me?” is met with awkward silence. With the market desperately calling for a new kind of legal service, Horenstein Law Group set out to fill the void in their market. They asked for help positioning their business as a next generation law firm. They wanted to highlight the fact that their clients were always on their mind–and their minds were proactively always on their client’s business. HLG was there to provide sound advice before their client’s even knew they needed it. And thus, ‘minding your business’ the tagline, was born.


    ”We use Madrona Creative exclusively for our brand identity package, marketing pieces and graphics. Meysha has an unsurpassed eye for design and color and she never misses a deadline. She has the ability to manage multiple demands and multiple projects calmly and professionally while providing a great work product.”

    –Steve Horenstein, Horenstein Law Group LLP


      We partnered with Horenstein Law Group to develop a brand strategy and position in the market, starting with specific client personas. Then we tackled an identity system; developing a color palette, brand guidelines, and a whole suite of collateral with a cohesive visual system that could grow along with the brand.

      For HLG’s visual identity, we started with the logo, using a design aesthetic to represent the company’s position; pairing the tradition of law with modern business solutions. Design elements like font choice and color selection provide instant clues that this is not your average law firm. Visuals and messaging was created to help Horenstein Law Group consistently deploy their positioning across a variety of platforms.


      Logo development, brand identity system, color palette, collateral design, UI/UX, front end web development, management and graphics, brand messaging, e-mail marketing, print ads, social media strategy, and holiday promotions.

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